It is the afternoon after the horrific events in Dallas. I watched it on TV until the alleged shooters were taken into custody.

The "trigger" for the violence may have been the killings of two African-American men by cops in Louisiana and Minnesota, although at this writing that is only speculation not fact.

All of us need to take a breath. Count to ten.

Are there bad/stupid/trigger happy cops? Yes.

Are there folks whose chip on their shoulder makes them over react to any inquiry by law enforcement? Yes.

Are bullies of all types taking over our politics, churches, airwaves, and other social institutions? Yes.

Are you and I being herded instead of led by so called leaders? Yes.

Is it within our power to change the downward spiral of our society? Yes.

  1. Don't sit on the sidelines. Get involved. Our leaders - political, religious, and social - need to know we are not going to accept the status quo from them and their organizations.
  2. Don't do the first step out of anger. Do it with the conviction to make a difference. You are not a sheep. God gave each of us the desire, and the ability to make a positive contribution to the common good.
  3. Support good mental health programs/ Mentally healthy people usually don't kill, maim, or hurt others. This goes for cops and the society as a whole.
  4. If you are angry about all of this insanity, you are normal. Admit it, and then channel your energy using the above steps to change things.
  5. Love/respect/tolerate yourself, your family, your friends, and your enemies. Those feelings and actions will spread and make a difference. Hard to do but worth the effort.

The Independent Rick Knobe

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