Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says authorities received a report on Wednesday about some suspicious activity involving underage girls.

"We had two girls that were walking in the area of 6th Street and Spring Avenue. As the two were walking, they told us a car had pulled up next to them and the driver made some gestures trying to get them in his car. They ignored him and kept walking," explained Clemens. "When they were near 8th Street and Spring Avenue he again pulled up next to them and tried to get the girls to come to his car. It doesn't sound like there was any conversation taking place. It was mostly just gestures from the suspect."

At that point, Clemens says the two girls called police at the Bowden Youth Center and reported the incident.

Clemens says the girls described the car as a white 4 door vehicle. The driver was either white or a Native American man in his forties with a goatee and a black coat.

The investigation is continuing.