I know this will probably qualify as blasphemy but, I've never been a big watermelon fan! Back in the days when a seedless watermelon was only a dream, the seeds drove me crazy! Biting down onto one of those black crunchy and slimy things was disgusting. And even "seedless" watermelons aren't totally seedless, they now have white, slimy seedy things in them!


It is also kind of a texture issue, to me, watermelon always has a kind of grainy quality to it, no matter how sweet and juicy it might be. Then, it ends up all over your face when you grab a slab and go at it. Yuck. My Mom used to tell me to just cut it up with a fork and knife and eat it that way, but that didn't solve the texture and seed issues.

Now I find out we've all been eating it wrong! This wacky Russian guy has an idea that might work, if your only issue is getting the juice all over your face. But after watching this, I decided his issues with watermelon are the least of his problems. The way he wields a knife, he's lucky he still has all his fingers. Sheesh!