Here in the upper midwest, we have our very cold winters and we tend to give from the heart. But what would you do if you were walking along 41st Street or Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls on one of these cold February days and saw a little boy or girl sitting at a bus stop without a jacket, obviously cold and looking scared? Would you stop or would you keep going? Would you ask if you could help or ignore a child?

Children's Villages Action Network in Norway conducted a social experiment just like this for their SOS Mayday Project.

I know how I would react and I'd like to think all of you would do the same.

One commenter put it best when they wrote "Life is short. Never miss an opportunity to perfect your own humanity."

Take a couple of minutes to watch the video that is in Norwegian, but the message is the same in any language as the people ask the boy why he's there, what happened and if they can help.

You may want to have a box of tissues handy as well.