This is not a joke, the City of Sioux Falls is using  $6,000 from our broke federal government to educate residences of downtown Sioux Falls about picking up dog poop.

There are city laws making it a crime not to pick up after your pet leaves a deposit. The city is running radio announcements on how dog poop pollutes the river. Yes, your dog's poop does have a negative impact on river water quality, and of course the bottom of my shoes.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency apparently has a fund dealing with dog poop education for the masses.

I have no problem with educating pet owners about their responsibility to pick up after their pets. However, this should be a Sioux Falls responsibility funded with Sioux Falls dollars, say the pet license fees. The feds have major funding problems.

Everybody knows about the deficit and multi-trillion dollar debt, except somebody inside city hall who put their signature on the application for federal money.

We shouldn't need or use federal money for dealing with downtown dog poop.