Breaking Bad came into our homes in January 2008 and will sign off this month after an explosive five year run that brought Walter White, a chemistry teacher diagnosed with Stage IIIA lung cancer who turns to making meth to secure his family's finances, and Jesse Pinkman, Walter's former student, a drug dealer who partners up with Walt and makes high-level meth.

The series has been AMC network's highest rated show and one of the most anticipated, and well-written shows each week along with 'Sons of Anarchy'.

As the series comes to it's sure-to-be unbelievable conclusion on September 29th, it will also start a huge online auction of actual memorabilia from the show including the underwear that Walter (Bryan Cranston) wore on the show

Screenbid online auction

Included in the Screenbid online auction are items like Tio Salamanca's wheelchair, a Los Pollos Hermanos chicken bucket, the Jeep Anna Gunn drove, yellow hazmat suits that Brian and Aaron Paul cooked in, and soooo many other memorable items.

In fact, there are exactly 198 available items that are expected to bring in around $2 million!

The auction ends on October 8th, so people have plenty of outbid the competition.