With the summer travel season in full-swing, Yahoo! has compiled a list of the most worst states for speeding tickets.

•The title for enforcing most expensive first offense speeding tickets is a five-way tie between Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada and New Hampshire. All five states hold motorists liable for a fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense.

•Massachusetts is the most expensive state to fight a ticket.

•Connecticut has the most unmarked state police cars, with one fully marked police car assigned to each troop.

•It’s technically not a state, but Washington, D.C., tops the list for the state with the most tickets written. With just over a half-a-million residents, D.C.’s finest write more than 430,000 tickets a year.

So you see, it could always be worse. Just a helpful tip to all you lead foots out there!