With The Walking Dead being one of the most popular shows on TV, Estately.com decided to take a look at what states are the most...and LEAST likely to survive the zombie apocalypse and South Dakotans came out OK.

The blog ranks all 50 states in ten different categories like survival skills, military personnel, veterans and gun owners (which South Dakota ranks high in all of those) and also obesity and triathletes (which we don't rank high in)

Once the numbers were crunched, Alaska came in at number one most likely to survive (what zombie would want to walk all the way to Alaska any way?) Wyoming and Colorado rounded out the top 3 while New Jersey, Mississippi and the District of Columbia were the bottom 3 (there's GOT to be a joke about undead politicians in there somewhere!)

South Dakota ranked #13 overall, but you'd still better sleep with one eye open as we're bordered by what the blog has deemed "Zombiesota" and "Nebrainska"!