September 18, 1929 Sioux Falls received a trace of snow - the earliest ever.

The earliest measurable snow in Sioux Falls occurred on September 28th, 1985.

The latest it has ever snowed in Sioux Falls was on May 31, 1954.

Given all that, I ran across a cute poem entitled "Why I Love South Dakota."

When it's wintertime in South Dakota, and the gentle breezes blow; about 70 miles an hour, and it's 52 below. 

You can tell you're in South Dakota, 'cuz the snow's up to your butt; and you take a breath of wintertime air, and your nose holes both freeze shut. 

The weather here is wonderful, so I guess I'll hang around; I could never leave South Dakota, 'cuz my feet are frozen to the ground.

- Author Unknown