According to my good friend Patty, who knows everything about everything, PaleyFest is a big media party that CBS throws out in L.A. every year.  It's named after William Paley who was the co-founder of CBS.   The cast of "The Big Bang Theory" was there this week. According to CBS:

Last week's ‘Big Bang Theory’ episode topped the list in viewers most coveted by advertisers, those ages 18-49; and it was the second most-watched show overall (behind "NCIS") with more than 20 million viewers.

So why is 'Big Bang' so successful? Here is what a couple of the cast members had to say at the recent PaleyFest gathering:

-Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz): "You're kind of forced to watch the show now. We're shoving it down people's throats, and then they're learning that they love that."

-Jim Parson (Sheldon Cooper): "There's something impossible to fathom about viewers and numbers and things like that. I can barely picture 20 people in one room. If you want to say 17 or 18 million, well you've lost me."

When asked what's coming up this season the "Big Bang" cast and crew would not reveal much about the upcoming season saying only that there would be a discovery of a letter from Howard's long-lost father. Quote Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) "They (Howard and his scientist wife Bernadette) find the letter, or someone finds the letter". No other cast members would talk about the future of any characters.

I just discovered "Big Bang Theory" 2 years ago and now it's one of my "Must DVR" shows every week. If I were asked: What do you think it is that makes ‘Big Bang Theory’ such a success?” I would say: “Good writing, great ensemble cast, and (like a lot of husbands around the country) it’s the only thing my wife will watch on Thursday nights.”

Are you a “Banger”?