New research from Austria finds that people are leaving Facebook due to privacy concerns and a lack of interest in the social network. To find this, researchers analyzed responses from more than 600 people and found that 48.3-percent said they deleted their profiles from the site due to privacy concerns, 13.5-percent said general dissatisfaction, 12.6-percent said shallow conversations and six-percent said they quit out of fear of becoming an addict. Researchers say they found that those who quit had higher addiction scores and tended to be more conscientious. One researcher remarked, "Given high profile stories such as WikiLeaks and the recent NSA surveillance reports, individual citizens are becoming increasingly more wary of cyber-related privacy concerns."

I've had several friends delete their accounts, and most of them were due to security concerns and the digital footprint they were leaving behind, but there have been a couple that have left because of lack of interest or jealousy within their relationships.

Have you been tempted to walk away from the world of social media?