The Who's new documentary, The Who: Quadrophenia - Can You See The Real Me? - The Story Behind The Album, is now available for download on iTunes. The film, which originally ran on the BBC before coming to VH1 Classic, gives an in-depth look at the making of -- and tour behind -- the 1973 album, featuring the Who's Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, their manager Bill Curbishley, Quadrophenia engineer Ron Nevison, early Mod "Irish Jack" Lyons, Townshend confidante and biographer Richard Barnes, and rock journalist Howie Edelson, among others.

Although Quadrophenia is set in mid-1960's London and is based around a stylistic sub-class of fashion conscious "mods," Roger Daltrey says that the meat of the story deals with universal issues felt by teens around the globe: "I think it's easy to understand, it's that period of your life when you're going through adolescence and your trying to find out who you are. And hopefully you get to that point quite soon after your teens. Or some people get into their 30's before they get there -- maybe even their '70s."

Pete Townshend feels that the sessions for Quadrophenia was the last time that the Who was able to operate on top form and full throttle: "The reason why it felt to me, if you like, the last album, is because, really of Keith Moon. Because of his. . . he just seemed to be on this downward slide then and he never managed to really ever pull himself out."

The Who perform tonight and tomorrow (November 29th and 30th) at Rosemont, Illinois' Allstate Arena.