Meet my new favorite TV chef. Well, I guess I didn't really have a favorite before. I like Bobby Flay's Southwestern stuff. Alton Brown is cool and I enjoyed the guy who did the English dub for Dr. Yukio Hattori on Iron Chef Japan. Oh, and I like a couple of Giada's things that I've seen on my TV. Anyways, I have a favorite now: Nadia G from Bitchin' Kitchen on The Cooking Channel.

My wife first found the show and forced encouraged me to watch it. I loved it immediately. Nadia is funny, the show doesn't take it self to seriously and the cooking is realistic. If I was to say something that could be used as a quote on a book cover or maybe a DVD box set...I'd say: "It's fast, tattooed and rocking."

I'm pretty sure I have a big, sad crush on her. Her full name is Nadia Giosia she started doing her own online comedy and cooking videos and that led to the TV show.

The show has it own language, and a handy online dictionary.

And music videos!