Remember the day when it was time for the sports reporter to talk? The report was all about the final score, the top team and most of all, who was the big guy. You know, the one who was the above human superstar.

Those were the guys you hoped would be included in your pack of baseball cards. If not, you would hope maybe next time when you had money again to buy more.

The guy who you and your dad would be glued to the TV set watching throw the football like it was shot out of a rifle or make the tackle like he was some form of modern day gladiator.

Those were the days of having a hero. It gave you somebody to dream of being like.

Those days seem to have changed. It's rare to hear a sports report on any given day now without hearing of criminal actions taking place with some top athlete.

If you're like me, when you hear of doping, cheating, personal life disasters and so on, these people don't appeal to me in the slightest way anymore. I don't even want to hear their names anymore.

You and I are not alone. Forbes did a study and put out a list of 'The Most Disliked Athletes In The United States'.

I thought it would be fun to share the list with you.

(The % next to their name represents how many each appealed to in the study)

Lance Armstrong 15%
Manti Te'o 15%
Tiger Woods 19%
Jay Cutler 21%
Metta World Peace 21%
Alex Rodriguez 22%
Michael Vick 23%
Kurt Busch 27%
Kobe Bryant 27%
Tony Romo 27%