One of my best memories of childhood was going to the library in Missoula, Montana with my Grammie to find books to read while we spent vacation time with her. I still remember the sights, sounds and smells of that place and the enjoyment the books brought my sisters and I.

My high school library offered silence from noisy study halls and peace in which to read, study or research. I loved that place too. In college my library narrative was much the same. It was cozy, quiet, well-lit, well-stocked and a great escape from noisy dorms and wacky roommates.

Books and the buildings that shelter them will always have a high importance in my life. Even if you own a digital reader and download every book you've every dreamt of owning, there are still a million reasons to explore our Sioux Falls libraries and here are just a few.

Every year the Ronning Branch library features an Oscar film series of Academy Award winning movies from each decade. It usually starts in January and goes through the end of February. You get popcorn and the chance to see great movies which you maybe haven't seen and can't rent anymore. Your last chance is next Thursday, February 27th at 6:00 p.m. You can see the great movie "Argo" which won the Best Picture Oscar in 2012. Call 367-8140 for more information.

Maybe movies aren't your thing, but perhaps you've always wanted to learn how to Jitterbug or do the Lindy Hop or any of those other great swing dances from the 30's and 40's which have made such a comeback on shows like "Dancing With the Stars". Then you don't want to pass up "Intro to Swing Dancing" which starts next Tuesday, February 25th at the library main branch, downtown.

On the practical side, if you need help putting your taxes together, once again, it is our Sioux Falls libraries to your rescue! They are offering free tax prep or e-filing help to anyone with income under $51,000 dollars. This is also at the Main Library on Mondays through April 7th and various Saturdays through March 1st.

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There are classes on knitting, computer classes, classes and activities for kids, reading clubs and the list goes on.

Find even more information and all the specifics here.