South Dakota's Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Rick Weiland announced Wednesday in a press release that he will be discussing his Medicare Choice Act proposal in meetings across the state over the next several weeks.  The intriguing part is he extended an invitation to Mike Rounds to join him when possible.

This marks a bold maneuver in a campaign where Rounds is the presumptive Republican nominee with a bevy of challengers looking to square off in a primary.  Weiland explains that the debate is meant to bring more sound reasoning.  The text of Weiland's invitation follows below.

"It's time to end the partisan name calling and begin thinking with the people of South Dakota about a path forward on health care.  The health of our people is much too important to remain the political football it has become.  To have Republicans in one corner screaming 'repeal Obamacare' and Democrats in the other corner shouting 'Obamacare forever' is an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

"Mike Rounds has been selling health insurance for years.  I served as state director of AARP and have been talking with people and thinking about this problem for many years myself.  I believe the two of us can present thoughtful alternatives to the people of South Dakota, alternatives that go beyond the name calling stupidity that has passed for debate on this topic since Obamacare was passed almost four years ago.

"I know Mike has a busy schedule.  The fact that I’ve been to over 275 South Dakota communities shows I do as well.  But it is hard for me to imagine he could not find an hour on a day of his choice to join in a discussion of something as important as this. 

"Every political commentator in America says Democrats are running and hiding on Obamacare out of fear it will defeat them.  Well here is one person who is not hiding.  He is inviting Mike Rounds to join him to discuss the subject every Republican in America is supposed to be salivating over the chance to discuss, Obamacare.  Join me next week or next month Mike, or on any date you suggest, not for a negative debate, but for a positive discussion between grown adults about how we replace Obamacare with something that works for all Americans.  Let’s chart a path forward.