Nick Moss has been playing the Blues for over 20 years and he's seen the genre evolve from the traditionalists to one that was influenced by classic rock heavyweights like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Moss and his band have evolved right along with it.

The new album "Time Ain't Free" featuring Moss and singer/rhythm guitarist Michael Ledbetter, draw on influences from the Allman Brothers to Little Feat to Donnie Hathaway to bring a blues/rock/soul sound that gets better and better with each listen.

The Nick Moss Band will perform at Old Skoolz in Sioux Falls Friday at 9pm (921 E. 8th St) before heading to Nebraska's legendary Zoo Bar Saturday. Moss says he grew up listening to the Blues with his brother (Joe Moss also is a bluesman). He says their mom had a lot of blues in her record collection and when their uncle gave them records from Free, Zeppelin and the rest, they realized that THOSE guys were playing the blues too which made them search for the cats that influenced them all.

Ledbetter has always been a fan of soul and R&B and was encouraged by his high school vocal coach to get into classical music and he found he enjoyed it. Ledbetter went on to perform in many opera performances around Chicago for about 8 years until Moss' wife (Kate is ALSO a fantastic blues guitarist in her own right) saw Ledbetter get up and sing with a band on the Blue Bella Record label (which is the label Moss started). One thing led to another, and the Nick Moss Band expanded after a friendship began.

Here's the full interview with the Nick Moss Band:

Here's the Nick Moss Band performing 'Been Gone So Long' from Time Ain't Free in the B102.7 studio

Here's the Nick Moss Band performing "Light It Up" from Time Ain't Free in the B102.7 studios