You can't watch a football game without seeing the latest television commercial for the Volkswagen Passat. You know the one I'm talking about.  It's the one where some 'middle management' father type is teaching his son how to throw a ball out in the front yard.

One of my favorite things about the ad is how it starts.  The kid is actually coming out of the bushes at the beginning of the ad.  Neither dad or son can throw the ball.  At all!

That leads me to the most important point.  That is, what's the point?

I have no idea what Volkswagen was trying to make people 'feel' when they made this commercial other than hopefully just get a chuckle out of people watching the ad.  If that's what they were after then they did what they hoped to. But it left me wanting a little more.

I kept waiting for the kid to hit the car with an errant throw to demonstrate how the side panels of the car would somehow 'not dent' if hit with a baseball.  Obviously that never did happen.

One thing I know for sure.  If there was ever a pick up baseball game, this father and son would most likely be picked 'last.'