Lamps and Shades, located in Sioux Falls, is your destination for all of your lighting needs. No other showroom in the region boasts as many displays or the expertise needed to make the right choice.

Fashion-conscious customer see both portable and fixed lighting as important accessories for the overall design scheme of their homes. Lighting needs to function in several ways within your home – as task, ambient, decorative and accent lighting.

In 2012, the most dominate trend focuses on cleaner, simpler lighting design. The recent economic downturn has the consumer looking for well-made things. Lighting is a longer-term investment.

“People like to modernize the vintage putting it in a contemporary settings,” Cathy explains, adding deco, mid century and retro fixture rewiring so you can reuse a treasure you’ve kept in the basement or attic.

The natural look extends to lampshades with natural materials, colors and shapes

taking center stage. Linen, cotton, burlap and paper shade adorn not only portable lamps, but chandelier bulbs as well, colors ranging from cream, taupe and white to beige, bark and red earth. We have hundreds of lampshades in stock to help you update your old lamp or top off your chandelier with new shades.

Jim is a member of IES (Illuminating Engineer Society) and Cathy is the only C.L.C. (Certified Lighting Consultant) in the state of South Dakota. Cathy is certified by the Americans Lighting Association.

Education is a very important part of their business. Both Jim and Cathy recognize the need for knowledge of lighting as being the most important tool in assisting the customer to achieve their lighting needs. Jim and Cathy are active members in the Homebuilders of the Sioux Empire.

Our Products

Lamps and Shades has the largest showroom with thousands of lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, lamps, lampshades, light bulbs, mirrors, furniture and decorative accessories. The trained professionals will help your lighting and decorative needs. Lamps and Shades work with over 200 of the top lighting fixtures, lamp, and lampshade manufactures. They try to work with companies that manufacture products in The United States.

Our eyesight peaks at age 17, a person over the age of 50 needs 2-3 times as much when they were 20. When we do zonal cavity calculations in a space the values we use for reflectiveness of a white ceiling is 80%, light colored walls are 50%, reflective and light colored floor is 20% reflective. Lighting is something that needs to be planned and why we are so determined to be the most knowledgeable about lighting. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) SAD THERAPY LAMPS, desk and floor lamps, light bulbs and literature is available at Lamps and Shades.

LED and Solid-State

Lighting technologies are moving forward with extraordinary speed. LED efficiency has tripled and will soon be more efficient than high-efficacy fluorescent lighting. The efficiency, small size advanced color qualities of LED’s are creating a resolution in how we provide illumination in our building and how lighting fixtures are designed. These factors, in conjunction with new energy codes and new federal Energy standards, are positively affecting how we can design and build more energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Stop in to see the new under cabinet, recess fixtures, tape lighting and exterior fixtures in stock.

Cathy will assist you in laying out the lighting for your new home or remodeling project. It is best to call for an appointment if you need consultation. “our reason for being the most knowledgeable is that we realize you can purchase lighting in many places, but not get your questions answered.”

If you are building a new home, remodeling or updating your fixtures stop in to Lamps and Shades Lighting Gallery.

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