Billy Joel, Aerosmith and Van Halen are all in Australia for this weekend's Stone Music Festival in Sydney. At a press conference on Thursday, Billy, David Lee Roth and all the members of Aerosmith met with the media.

Billy Joel was asked about his recent remarks regarding possibly retiring, which he cleared up:

The festival is inspired by the Australian motorcycle film Stone, so the press conference included Joel, Tyler and Joe Perry comparing notes, as they all ride.

And since this is the first time that all three Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees have appeared on a bill together, and quite possibly the last, they shared comments about each other.

Tyler on Billy Joel: “Billy is my idol because he’s been around forever, and every time I turn on the radio I hear him. I’m an old fan of people who write their own music.”

Dave Lee Roth on Billy Joel: “I always refer to what Billy Joel’s doing on stage with his musical dynamic and his arrangements in terms of ‘look how many folks he’s worked with, listen to the loud and soft, listen to the fast and slow.’"

Billy Joel on Van Halen: “I tried to do the thing in 'Jump' but I split my pants. I couldn’t do the move.

Billy Joel on Aerosmith: "We’ve been friends because we’re all from the same neck of the woods, from Boston and New York, and I’ve met them many times, so we’re good, good friends.”

Sunday's appearance will be Billy Joel's only Australian show this year, and the same for Van Halen on Saturday. Aerosmith have three other shows Down Under after their slot on Saturday.