Ya ever find yourself casually perusing facebook and you come across one of those posts that makes you roll your eyes?  Then you reach for your mouse and click on the "Block" option as you mumble an audible "Take That"?

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a list of guidelines everyone had to adhere to in order to participate in social media.  Even better, how about "Face Police" that dole out punishment for rule infractions!?

Here is a new list of things that could get your facebook post blocked from Yahoo Screen.  You may want to forward this list to some of your "Facebook Friends"?

1.  Only post the things your friends actually want to see, like mind-blowing facts and major life updates.

2.  Posts about religion, politics, or your workouts will get you BLOCKED.

3.  Never like your own posts.

4.  Everybody stalks . . . but don't get caught.  Liking photos that are already several years old is the easiest way to get caught.

5.  Don't have a conversation in the comments section.  That's what texting is for.

6.  Keep virtual PDA to a minimum.  Treat it like real-life PDA.

7.  Don't post every selfie you take.

8.  Don't make people guess what's bothering you.  It's called "Vague-Booking".  Quite it.

9.  Don't invite friends to play all your online games.