Shortly after that I saw this:

Then I saw last night on that a guy in Yankton was reporting police-like lights in the sky every night from January 3 - 6. The report read:

January 3, 2013, 10:30 p.m., Yankton, Yankton County, SD - for 4 consecutive nights, becomes visible on east horizon after dark, then between 8 pm and 6am move across sky going west. Case 45060.

Moving from East to West? What else in the sky moves East to West? The sun. What moves East to West at night? Stars. Even a satellite perhaps?

In case you hadn’t heard, folks, there’s also a New Years fireworks season. My guess is people saw fireworks over Prairie Green. That would look a lot stranger in January than July. I'm not saying these people didn't see what they saw, I'm sure it was a U.F.O. An unidentified flying object that was previously on the ground on Earth. But I do appreciate the entertainment.