In 2012, Spring arrived early.  Farmers planted some corn varieties in late March hoping that the frost will hold off.  Remarkably, it did and it turned out to be the best corn planted in some areas of Southeast South Dakota.

In 2013, the contrast has been achieved.  There was no way that crops could be planted early and some are struggling to get their seed bed prepared.

Consider another harbinger of spring.  Lilac bushes 365 days ago had long since bloomed.  The purple is still evident on May 27 when it normally emerges on May 1.  The other garden trend that people use for marking the season are the peony plants.  The strong fragrance and huge bloom comes out traditionally near the end of May.  This year the plants are not yet mature enough to support the blossom.  Last year peonies in Sioux Falls were abundantly flowering by Mother’s Day.

Complain in vain if you don’t like how things are turning out in this area because you think the weather isn’t the way you think it should be.  It could also be the handiwork of God Almighty and His way of showing you who is in control.