A 24-hour channel that says it's the first TV network aimed at dogs will debut on DirecTV starting on August 1st, with the first two weeks available for free, and then costing $4.99 per month for subscribers. DogTV's programming is made up of short video clips in the categories of relaxation, stimulation and "exposure," which Variety explains are segments designed to get dogs used to domestic situations like riding in a car with a young child. PTV Media, which created the channel, said the programming was created to entertain, relax and stimulate dogs that are home all day, so that owners don't come back to find things like couches and shoes torn up by an unhappy dog. As for whether dogs actually watch TV, the network cites a survey from the American Kennel Club and IAMS dog food that found nearly half of dog owners said their pets showed some interest in what was happening on the TV screen. DogTV was launched last year only in San Diego, with Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable, as well as online.