The Tri-State Horse Expo continues through the weekend, and if the first two days are any indicator, the event is off to a huge start!

The event is going on at The Expo Center of the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds. When you walk in you see over 50 vendors. If you have a horse they have something for you and your horse!

Friday afternoon, I ventured out toe the Horse Expo for a look around. I expected a couple trailers and a few people milling around. I saw the exact opposite. There were riders milling all over!

Peyton Poring getting ready for Grand Entrance at Tri-State Horse Expo in Sioux Falls. Pic by JD Collins/KIKN-Sprint Sioux Falls

Rhonda from Ranchers Outlet had told me 'if you come out, I'll put you on a horse and you can join us in our grand opening. That's where my story really starts. She also said, 'here's Dan Poring, he's the president of the SDRA and you can talk to him.

So, I do a call into the radio station with with Dan. Then he says, we have your horse waiting for you. So, we headed over to the other side of the arena. There I found his wife Cathy and Peyton with 'Bell.' We climbed on up and went for a little ride.

Pic by Cathy Poring-Sprint Sioux Falls

It's really a pretty neat fraternity of people that attend and participate in events like this. I was talking with a guy from up at Crooks, SD. He said he listens to Kickin' Country. He mentioned Tammy and Dan in the mornings and me in the afternoon.

There are two other stories that come from my afternoon ride at the Expo Building. I'll get to those in the next few days. One involves a cousin and the other involves a cousins saddle.

Thanks to Dan, Cathy and Peyton (and Peyton's brother-I forget his name) I had a blast at the event. While I was there the Ranch Rodeo was just getting underway. It was fun watching the event.

If you get a chance, get out to the Tri-State Horse Expo this weekend. There are a lot of things to watch, two arenas running pretty much full time and of course the food and vendors. If you like horses, you'll have a great time.