Pete Townshend took time out to heap praise on Lady Gaga at the expense of reality TV talent shows. Townshend, who's currently on the road with the Who on their Quadrophenia & More tour, told The Sun, "I got hearing aids recently and I was sitting there watching TV. And I've now realized -- you don't listen to TV any more. You sit there and spend your whole time shouting: 'What a c***, he's a c***, she's a c***, she's useless, she's great -- vote for her.' It has created a different way of watching television. Reality TV is about what goes on in the room when you're watching it."

Townshend went on to point out what he feels is a shining example of true, young musical talent, explaining: "The machinery of making music means more people can do it now. The technology has made it easier to make music without being profoundly gifted. What Lady Gaga has done is created an iconic figure who is someone we can get inside. She's a story and it's fascinating to watch -- she's like a space oddity."