A brand new independent record and tape store with a dedicated space for all ages concerts will open their doors in downtown Sioux Falls next week.

Total Drag Records opens May 1 and bills themselves as more than just a record store, but as a community-oriented art and music space open to people of all ages who are interested in participating in and supporting an environment of creativity and artistic innovation and freedom.

And since all shows planned are to be all ages shows, Total Drag will be alcohol free.

The first show will take place Friday May 2nd with Friends of Cesar Romero, a punk/garage band from Arizona, along with locals Damn Your Eyes, Lucas With A K, and Sons of Sans Arc. Admission will be just $5 for the all ages show starting at 7pm.

You can see their website at the link above and follow them on Facebook.

Welcome Total Drag Records to Sioux Falls at 307 E. 12th Street starting next week! It sounds like it's going to be a cool shop and will hopefully fill a hole in the live music scene in Sioux Falls for all ages shows with the recent closing of a couple of venues. Congratulations Total Drag!