This time of year rolls around and some of us have to suffer through the same dozen songs of the season. We grin and bear it while others jingle bells and go on sleigh rides with their leaping lizards or whatever. So I gathered the Top Five Christmas songs for people that hate Christmas music.

  • Santa Claus and His Old Lady

    The countdown starts with a trip with Cheech and Chong to St. Nick's world famous commune and the tale of 'Santa Claus and His Old Lady.' It came out a a single in 1971.

  • Jason and The Strap-Tones - 'I Found The Brains Of Santa Claus'

    The title says it all. The song comes from the early 80s and the band broke up in like 85-ish. That's about all I know

  • 'Christmas Dragnet' - Stan Freberg

    Going back to the 50s for this Stan Freberg classic. I love the 'Dragnet' TV series and I am a sucker for a 'Dragnet' parody. Plus you can find all the 'cool' people using the code phrase: "Most folks call them green onions but they're really scallions."

  • Weird Al Yankovic - 'The Night Santa Went Crazy'

    No Christmas music list (no list in general) is complete without Weird Al. This piece from 1995 is perfect for any jaded party guest.

  • RUN-DMC - 'Christmas In Hollis'

    Perched high above all others is not just the greatest Christmas Song for people that hate Christmas music. But possibly the best Christmas song ever (non-church related category.) Not only will this song melt the frozen-est of frozen hearts, it lays out the perfect Christmas feast.