Here are a few tips from Intek on how to minimize water damage in your basement until help arrives.

  1. Make sure you have no electrical devices that are submerged. If you are unsure, do not step in standing water.
  2. Move as many of the items in the wet area to a dry location (for example, the garage or a dry location in the basement) to ease drying and to prevent further damage to those items. If they are wet, lay them out to aid the drying process.
  3. Pull up your carpet and remove the wet pad. Place the wet pad in garbage bags and remove from your house. Be careful, as wet pad is very heavy! Cut into smaller pieces you can carry.
  4. Extract as much water as you can from your carpet using a wet-dry vac or a carpet shampooer.
  5. Set up fans and dehumidifiers, but continue to run your air conditioner to help pull the humidity from the air.

*Information courtesy of Intek