The folks at Guyism has assembled a list of NINE types of bacon, every bacon lover needs to try.

Besides the standard regular American bacon and Canadian bacon, they list Irish bacon ("prepared from center-cut boneless pork loin"), jowl bacon and – perhaps the most surprising entry – beef bacon. Guyism says, "This hard-to-find bacon is only beginning to show up in grocery stores. Its texture is meatier than regular bacon, contains less fat and is not cured."

As much as we love bacon, why are we just hearing about all these different types? And why didn't I see any bacon-wrapped 'whatevers' at the Fair this year? Somebody needs to do the bacon wrapped corn dog, a burger with strips of bacon and cheese inside (bacon filled Juicy Lucy!) and just the simple bacon on a stick!

Check out the entire list from Guyism here.