Graham Gibson, 31, and his wife Debbie shot this incredible video in the Bahamas to coincide with the Discovery Channel's World Shark Week.

Mr Gibson said: 'My wife and I were both surprised at how gently and calmly the sharks behaved.

'Right from the beginning, our shark whisperer Tom was able to start hypnotizing one of the sharks.

'It became completely docile in his hands. Once he had calmed the shark, he gently grasped its dorsal fin and turned the shark in the water so that it was parallel to us.

'Moving slowly to avoid disrupting the shark's trance, Tom brought its body towards us until the shark was sitting directly in our laps. My wife and I lightly touched the shark's body and its fins, the skin feeling somewhat like a rubbery, fine-grain sandpaper.'

Credit: Graham Gibson_HotSpot Media

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