Believe it or not, we haven't gotten to everyone yet when it comes to reality television.  The believes we need reality shows featuring people in these lines of work:

Food Delivery Worker

Career Counselor


Grocery Store Manager

Movie Theater Manager

Reality Show Production Crew

But I think they missed a few.  How about?

Nancy Louie /Getty Images

Garbage Collector

Have you ever wondered  what exactly people throw away and whether it actually makes it to the dump?

David Freund /Getty Images

Computer Repair Tech

You may think they're just fixing them, but what secrets are they discovering about their clients?

Fuse/Getty Images

Funeral Director

Nobody wants to talk about what happens behind-the-scenes here, but you're curious aren't you?

Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Limo Driver

Just keep telling yourself they don't REALLY know what's going on back there. Yeah right...