Meteorologist Brad Temeyer of the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls says light snow will diminish around 9 a.m. Thursday morning.

"We've got a few tenths of an inch of snow in the Sioux Falls area.  Basically, we're expecting that band of precipitation to work its way out of the area by 8 or 9 this morning.  Behind it, we're going to see strong northwest winds and much cooler conditions.  High temperatures will only be in the lower 40's.  That cooler air will continue to remain across the area into Friday and even into the weekend with high temperatures still in the 40's."

But, Brad says there is some good news!  "We will gradually warm up by next week.  As the system moves  east, warmer air will move into the region.  But it will be a gradual warm up."

Some parts of the state received several inches of snow.  Brad says Kimball, South Dakota got to 4 inches of snow!