John Lennon and Paul McCartney thought Elvis was the King when they were teenagers -- but by the time they met him, their opinions had changed.

That's one of the revelations from a recently discovered trove of interview tapes dating back to The Beatles' 1965 U.S. tour.  In one exchange, shortly after they'd met Elvis in Memphis, Macca said, "Since I was 16, I've loved his records. We used to do a lot of his songs until we started doing our own…but I don't like the new stuff half as much. We told him that last night."

Asked if they'd like to collaborate with Presley and help get him back on track, Lennon replied, "None of us have ever liked those albums where they put two people together. I'd hate an album like that."

The tapes in question will go up for auction in London later this month. They're expected to fetch upwards of $60,000.