U2 Deny Rumors of Album Delay
Contrary to earlier reports, U2's next album will be released in 2014. The band officially denied rumors that said that the follow-up to 2009's 'No Line on the Horizon' had been pushed back until next year.
U2: No Album or Tour in 2014
Despite teasing their fans for several months, including a high-profile song that premiered during the Super Bowl, U2 will not release a new album or tour in 2014.
Bono Says U2’s ‘Best Work Might Be to Come’
When you're a big enough band to warrant a Super Bowl commercial for your new single, it's pretty safe to say you've made it. But U2 frontman Bono still has the same hopes and fears as any multimillionaire musician after decades of rock stardom.
U2 Releases New, Free Song During Super Bowl
Normally we don't pay too much attention to the commercials during the Super Bowl -- the game's the important thing! But the news that U2 will debut a new song for charity during the game peaked our interest. On the eve of the kickoff, Bono talked a little bit more about 'Invisible.&a…

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