star wars

Star Wars on Etch A Sketch
Long before computers, tablets and smart phones, our generation's futuristic toy was the Etch A Sketch. It was almost impossible to even write your name but we loved them. This guys has been practicing because he's done the movie Star Wars on his Etch A Sketch!
‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ Start Date Revealed
Much of the speculation surrounding 'Star Wars: Episode 7' has been in regards to its release date - mostly because it doesn't have an official one yet. But, when will J.J. Abrams and crew actually start production on the new 'Star Wars' film? Sounds like we have a pretty go…
‘Star Wars: Episode 7′ to be Shot on Film by Dan Mindel
Though no casting has been officially announced yet, many of the behind the scenes players on 'Star Wars: Episode 7' are starting to line up. It appears that J.J. Abrams' regular cinematographer Dan Mindel has joined the movie, and he's revealed that the latest episode of 'S…

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