Rock Quiz

Rock Quiz: John Mellencamp [October 2]
Q) On this day in 1994, John Mellencamp confirms that he recently had a mild heart attack, caused in part by high cholesterol and smoking. By his own admission, how many cigarettes was John smoking, a day, in 1994?
Rock Quiz: John Bonham [September 25]
Q) In the late 60’s, Robert Plant sent eight telegrams to John Bonham's pub, the "Three Men in a Boat", to try to persuade him to join his new band, Led Zeppelin. But at the time, Bonham was being offered a lot of money by a solo artist to become his drummer. Which solo artist?
Rock Quiz: John Lee Hooker [September 24]
Q) ‘Boom Boom’ by John Lee Hooker went to #60 on the US Billboard Charts 50 years ago – in 1962. 30 years later – in 1992 – it climbed into the Top 20 on the UK charts after it was featured in a TV commercial for what American company?

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