Rock Quiz

Rock Quiz: Sun City [October 16]
Q) The Anti-Apartheid song ‘Sun City’ was recorded on this day in 1985. The song was the brainchild of Steven Van Zandt and featured a long list of artists from all genres of music, including all four members of one American rock band. Which band?
Rock Quiz: Aerosmith [October 11]
Q) Aerosmith’s first appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ came during the show’s 15th season, February 17, 1990, when they performed two songs off the ‘Pump’ album, ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’ and what other song?
Rock Quiz: Steve Perry [October 10]
Q) On this day in 1977, Steve Perry became the lead singer of Journey, making his on stage debut 18 days later in San Francisco. He sang lead on the band’s next nine albums, but also provided background vocals for a pair of songs with this artist in 1980. Who?
Rock Quiz: John Lennon [October 9]
Q) John Lennon referred to '(Just Like) Starting over as an 'Elvis/Roy Orbison' type of song. But at the start of the stripped down version of the song, along with Elvis, he name checks three other American singers, Gene Pitney, Buddy Holly, and one born in Minnesota. Who?

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