Rock Quiz

Rock Quiz: Toto [January 15]
Q) Toto keyboardist David Paich wrote most of the groups hit songs, including 'Hold The Line' and 'Africa'. In the summer of 1985, he played keyboards on a song that was number one for four weeks on the Billboard chart?
Rock Quiz: Donald Fagen [January 10]
Q) Happy 65th birthday to Donald Fagen of Steely Dan. Donald met band mate Walter Becker while the two were attending New York’s Bard College in the mid 60’s. While in college, they formed a number of different bands including one with a future well-known comedian and actor. Who?
Rock Quiz: Dire Straits [January 3]
Q) Several songs written and recorded for Dire Straits’ 1982 album ‘Love Over Gold’ were never released on that album. One of those songs was given to a female singer who turned in into a Top Ten record and the title track of her comeback album in 1984. Who?
Rock Quiz: Mick Jones [December 27]
Q) Happy 68th Birthday to Mick Jones of Foreigner. Before forming the band in 1976, Mick played in studios alongside the likes of Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton, and Gary Wright. He also appeared on a holiday track of which former Beatle?

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