Robert Downey Jr.

‘Iron Man 3′ Footage
Although it doesn't open in the United States for another week and change, 'Iron Man 3' has already started rolling out internationally, garnering its fair share of rave reviews. While some audiences are already getting the chance to see the whole movie, we simply have to sit back and play the waiti…
First ‘Iron Man 3′ Clip
Marvel has released the first 'Iron Man 3' clip and to our surprise, it's not an action sequence or a big special effects moment. Rather, it's an intense, dialogue driven scene that's a platform for the real star of the show: Mr. Robert Downey, Jr. Watch it for you…
Will ‘Iron Man 3′ Be the Last For Robert Downey, Jr.?
'Iron Man 3' doesn't even hit theaters for a few more months, but here we are, already discussing 'Iron Man 4,' 'The Avengers 2' and other Marvel films that don't even have a script yet. More specifically, here we are discussing Robert Downey Jr.'s involvement in the future of the Marvel movie unive…
‘Iron Man 3′ Offers First Look at Rebecca Hall
Though we're still months away from 'Iron Man 3's release, that doesn't mean we aren't going to get a trickle of steady publicity from now until May 3, 2013. The film has just released four new stills, including our first look at Rebecca Hall.

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