Brookings Man Reports Stolen Weed
I'm amazed at the calls police get on a daily basis. From complaints about a neighbor's air conditioner running for days on end, to a kid having his mom call the cops on him for stealing a candy bar to a Brookings, South Dakota man calling in a report of someone stealing his pot. (Yes, the…
Who Says Stoners Aren’t Entrepreneurs?
Now that Washington state has legalized marijuana, some dispensaries are taking customer service to a new level by doing home deliveries.
Nurse Nancy’s Medical Marijuana Delivery is a family collective that delivers “fast, friendly and discreet doorstep delivery anywhere in Seat…
Two Arrested After Sioux Falls Drug Search
Two people were arrested Thursday after agents of the Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force turned up what's being called a small but elaborate marijuana growing and cultivation operation.
Detectives say agents who searched the house at 905 West 3rd Street around 1:40pm found two grow rooms, live marijuan…
Drugs, but No Intruder in Sioux Falls Garage
In the end, a Sioux Falls man may have regretted calling police. Officer Sam Clemens says William Michael Reed called police at around 1 a.m. Tuesday because he thought someone was in his garage in the 1800 block of East 29th Street North.

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