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Freddie Mercury Biopic Loses Current Director, May Be Cursed
Sacha Baron Cohen was attached to the Freddie Mercury biopic for many years, but once the project started moving forward Cohen left, and the film seemed like it might die. But then Ben Whishaw joined and actor-turned-director Dexter Fletcher was hired to helm the project. Now Fletcher has left the f…
Freddie Mercury Biopic Gets a New Star
After months of delays, word is now circulating that Dexter Fletcher has been tapped to direct the Freddie Mercury biopic. Perhaps more importantly, Ben Whishaw will play Freddie Mercury, replacing Sacha Baron Cohen, who left over the summer.
Freddie Mercury Movie Moving Forward
Sunday marked the 22nd anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury, and Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor used the occasion to announce that the movie about their singer, which they've been working on for years, is now full steam ahead.

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