Heifers for South Dakota [PHOTOS]
The devastation was indescribable. The October 'Blizzard' that western South Dakota endured earlier this fall left behind incredible losses to the cattle industry. Some ranchers were nearly wiped out. In one storm.
7 Things I Wish People Would Do on Facebook
About a month ago, the Huffington Post had an article about the most hated things people do on Facebook. Posting photos of your food will usually do the trick. But it was mostly the same things that drive everyone crazy. I decided to spin the same concept the other way...
The 5 Most Annoying Reactions to the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale
You may be annoyed with some of the things your friends are posting on Facebook and Twitter about the 'Breaking Bad' finale. We are too, and thus decided to offer up a list of some of the most irritating reactions people are having towards the finale of (un)arguably the greatest show of al…

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