Holiday Tipping Guide
The Holidays are a tough time of the year, tough in that it's hard to know who all you need to tip. Following are some 'tips on tipping' from etiquette experts.
It’s Christmas 1978 And Every Kid Wants Merlin
Every Christmas you kid wants whatever the latest gadget, gizmo, video game or piece of technology is being advertised as the latest and greatest. If you think this is something new, I have news for isn't.
In 1952 the latest and greatest was putting facial features on a spud that mom ga…
Read The Most Famous Christmas Editorial In History
I read recently where a substitute teacher in New Jersey decided it would be a good idea to tell first graders that Santa Claus wasn't real (and then told them neither was the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy).
It kind of made me wonder why in the world a teacher thought that was a good idea...
100 Years Ago: The Most Unusual Christmas
We have the greatest deals ever so shop early!
We see and hear those types of headlines and advertisements everywhere these days. The term 'Black Friday' has become part of our language. And of course we've moved beyond 'Black Friday'...

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