Can Music Change The World? [AUDIO, VIDEO]
It's a question that has been asked forever. Can music change the world? Visionaries like John Lennon and Bob Marley believed it and wrote songs about it. Now Nashville musician Tom Larson and New Orleans academic and personality Andrew Ward have created a sonic love letter to show the world th…
Nancy Wilson Interview [AUDIO]
Nancy Wilson of Heart is one of Crash's great 'crushes' of all-time and a fantastic guitar player. So when she and her sister Ann were getting ready to play Grand Falls Casino in the summer of 2012, he jumped at the chance to interview her.
Joe Perry Interview [AUDIO]
August 5, 2009. Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler falls from the stage at the Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis, SD. The next day, Crash gets a call from Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry asking if he can stop by the station. What do you think his answer was?!?!