On Sunday June 23rd, the moon will be bigger, brighter, and closer to earth than at any time during 2013. In fact, we won't see another 'super moon' like this until August 2014.

Of course the super moon also comes with the stigma of getting the 'dommsday' folks fired up with their predictions of natural disasters caused by the the massive moon like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and cyclones.

Just to set your mind at ease, NASA scientists have yet to find any connection between the 'super moon' and natural disasters.

Supermoons, or perigee full moons, appear bigger than usual because they are so close to the Earth. There have been other supermoons in 2013, but none of those happened during a full moon -- like there will be on June 23.

So don't be surprised when your Facebook wall fills up this weekend with shots of the 'super moon',