Chances are you're probably having a Super Bowl party this Sunday. You know, just a few friends over to watch the big game, nothing too big. Or so you thought.

You know how these Super Bowl parties go, you invite a few people, who also feel the need to invite a few people and before you know it, you don't recognize half of the people in your house!

Inevitability, there always seems to be that one Super Bowl party pooper that shows up.  This would be the guy or gal that has a knack for annoying everyone at the party!

That one person who thinks they are an expert on everything from towel racks to touchdowns. By halftime, most of the people attending the party want to drop back and punt this person to Peru.

Lets take a look at the most common traits found in the Super Bowl Party Pooper:

  • The remote control hog. They hog the remote control throughout the game. This person is constantly changing the channel during every commercial break! Everyone knows you don't change the channel during commercial breaks in the Super Bowl! Some years the commercials are often better than the game itself.
  • The social butterfly. This would be the person who doesn't watch a minute of the game, they just came over to talk and will not shut up!
  • The super fan. The person that shows up all decked out in full game regalia. Then proceeds to scream and shout during every good and bad play their team makes throughout the game.
  • The dieter. The person who complains that there is nothing to eat or drink at this party besides pizza, chill, wings, chips, soda and beer! It's a Super Bowl party, what did you expect?
  • Then there's the person who forgot to find a baby sitter. So they bring their kids along to the party. As luck would have it, they also forgot to give the kids their much need dose of Ritalin that day. So the little monsters proceed to run around your house for the entire game, screaming, yelling, breaking things and writing "fart" on the walls in crayon.

Did I forget anyone?

You know upon writing this, I think I'm going to call off my Super Bowl party and go watch the big game at a sports bar where it's more civilized.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!