Being a student of humanity all my life has led me to being a very curious person. I am always interested in what other people's lives are like, why people do the things they do, what motivates people to succeed, change, love, hate, etc.

So when I posted the question, "What is the biggest event you have going on this summer?", I was thrilled with all of the interesting and different responses from our Facebook friends.

There are proud parents, college graduates, moms-to-be, travelers, revelers, nearly-marrieds, long-marrieds, comedians and more in this group. I thought I would share some of their thoughts and summer events here. A few of them are life-changing and the rest; simply life-affirming and I love it!

Peri Schulz: "Graduating from college! Only took me 34 years but I got er dun!"


Tina Robetor Howe: "Finishing flood clean up and meeting up with soul sisters in Deadwood in July!"

Tom Gunlicks: "Going to Washington DC and New York City with my son......going to the Arabian Youth National Horse Show in Albuquerque with my wife to see my daughter (sorry, I know that's two, but they're both big events)."

Shell Rae Schomacker: "the birth of my 1st child in july!"


Tim Petty: "We went to Yellowstone for a family reunion just last week. Hoping to go out to Colorado in July for a 40th wedding anniversary for my aunt and uncle, and then, maybe if money persists, split a bedroom into two for the kids in August."

Starla Scholten: "Andrew and Lexi's wedding!!!!! woooo hoooooo!!!!!!"


Ron Jacobsen: "Turned flippin' 60!!!!"

Nicole Machart-Reuwsaat: " Enrolling my baby in college at SDSU!"

Mark & Liza Moulton: "Going to my first Prom!!! We went a private 50's party by invite only. Fri was the Sock Hop and then Sat. Night was the Prom! Had a blast ! Now were going to go to Automania can't wait!"

Gloria Tuffs: "Getting my left knee replaced and being able to walk on my own!"



Debbie McManus: "We're getting a new HVAC system!! We're pretty excited!"