(NPN) --  Why thank you! And by golly, North and South Dakotans are polite and don’t swear—at least anywhere near as much as Ohioans.

A study earlier this year found that people in the Dakotas are among the most polite and least profane in the country.

Surprisingly, the same study by the Marchex Institute found that “Minnesota Nice” might not be quite the case.

Ohioans had the dubious distinctions of being the most profane and least courteous of all Americans, according to the study, falling into the “Sailors” category--as in swearing like—and “Least Courteous.”

Washington Staters were the least likely to swear, placing them in the “Goody Two Shoes” category, along with the only slightly more profane Dakotas. South Carolinians ranked first in “Most Courteous” followed by several other southern states.

And what about the ballyhooed “Minnesota Nice” practiced by Mary Richards on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”? The Gopher State rated “Occasionally Profane,” putting it between “Goody Two Shoes” and “Sailor” regarding swearing. And as to courtesy, Minnesotans were on the wrong side of the niceness line, rated a “Least Courteous” state.

And that’s kind of surprising, don’t ya know!

Click here for more results from the study.