(NPN) -- It’s probably not too hard to believe that even unpopulated states like North and South Dakota might have economies the size of Kenya. But a recent study shows that even cities in the Dakotas have larger economies than a number of countries.

The United States Conference of Mayors and the Council on Metro Economies and the New American City commissioned a state late last year on the gross metropolitan products of 363 metro areas in the United States and compared those figures with the gross domestic product of other nations.

For example, the Sioux Falls metro area ranks 127th in GMP against the other 363 metro areas but ranks 244th out of a combined grouping of U.S. metro areas’ and 202 countries’ GDP. With a $16.6 billion dollar economy, the Sioux Falls’ economy is just smaller than Brunei’s (238th/$17.8 billion) and a bit more than the nation of Georgia’s (251/$15.8 billion).

Dakotas’ metropolitan area comparisons: